Growth is not a vicissitude

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Growth is not a vicissitude

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Growth is not a vicissitude, not a destruction of the world. We have all felt that from the most trivial little things, the pulsation of a new kind of thinking, the joy that gradually breaks through itself - there is never a single thing, growth is like, growth is more like a long stream, and eternal. I remember a classmate talking to me about ideals. He said that his ideal is to fly. It is such a simple, "flying", ideal of a word. I asked him if he wants to be a pilot, scientific research or the like. He said no, it is a The word "flying", I am puzzled, why the ideal is only one word, so imaginary, no practical significance, he smiled, then the expression dignified: "My ideal was to be an aerospace engineer, because I dreamed of flying - Flying into the sky, flying out of the earth, heading for the vast universe..." "And then?" I asked, "but I found mathematics for me... maybe not really good at it, I even even one Simple Austrian numbers can't be solved, my dreams are beaten like this, I feel empty and helpless, I feel sad... Gradually, I began to pay attention to things at my feet, I love watching ants move - they are not like this The actual goal, like 'I have to move something to a certain place', the only ideal is to live and live well - seemingly imaginary, but actually contains one A firm belief... Gradually, I was infected by them. I modified my goal and told myself that 'flying' is the ultimate ideal. I should pay the whole life for it. My point of view has something to do with him. Going in, but this does not stop this story from shocking my mind - even though it is the power of faith Carton Of Cigarettes, but the changes that really happen to him are far more than that: from the rapid advancement of mathematics to the key Exceeding the imagination in the exam - just lowering his head Newport Cigarettes, watching his own feet, but changing his values, may even change his love of the sky, I love the stars, love the moon, love the bright sun, even Love the black hole that devours everything, love the dark matter and dark energy that are hard to detect (regardless of whether they exist or not). Once, I fell into a trough and lost the test. At that time, I really realized the taste of failure, bitterness, bitterness. Like an object that can't reflect any light, it's dark to see yourself, don't know what you think... I will look at the stars while lying in bed Parliament Cigarettes. I always think that there are so many dark places between the stars, but unfortunately Newport 100S, the light of the stars cannot shine to every place... night and night, until an idea gradually rises in my heart, more and more clear - those dark Where is the material, the universe will not be so unfair, perhaps the light of a star that has shined there, but it has not yet come into our eyes... I believe that the universe is fair, those In the dark days, this thought supported me to cheer up... When the information really proved to me that when there might be material in those places, I was in tears... From then on, I told myself that in the dark days, Remember: you have never been abandoned Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
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